SOLAR IS GOOD MEDICINE for Hospital Lumiere

Located in the mountains of Southern Haiti, Hospital Lumiere, a 120 bed facility, serves 60,000 residences in the surrounding community of Bonne Fin despite having no access to utility power. Currently powered by a combination of hydro and diesel generators, the hospital struggles with a growing fuel bill and regular brown and black outs that interrupt medical care, damage equipment, and jeopardize medicine storage. To alleviate these problems, the hospital is going solar– and has turned to Smucker’s Energy’s extensive experience with an off-grid solar system to make it happen.

Check back here for updates on this exciting project; see how solar can make a large impact on the lives of so many and find out about the design and operation of this large AC coupled off-grid system. And visit to learn more about how going solar can change the way you think about renewable energy.